About Us

Welcome to Status Suspension, home to all your lowrider, beach cruiser, chopper bikes, and custom parts. Offering the Lowest possible prices on everything we supply including, lowrider bikes, cruisers, choppers and bike parts. We also offer custom bike parts in chrome, gold, and twisted. Our catalog is packed full of low prices on chrome lowrider bikes, beach cruiser bicycles and low rider bike parts. Check out our new line of lowrider bikes located in the bikes section. We are dedicated to offering you the finest accessories including, trike kits, lowrider tires, trike fenders, 144 spoke and 72 spoke chrome and gold wheels, spring forks, fenders, steering wheels, twisted cranks, goosenecks, gangster mufflers, grips, mirrors, sprockets, continental kits, frames, seats, sissy bars, pedals, handlebars, Mexican flag valve caps, and chain guards, just to name a few. We supply many more parts for making your own custom bike. Status Suspension is your one and only source for lowrider bikes, custom lowrider bike parts, beach cruisers, stretch cruisers, and low rider bike accessories. Hydraulic and air kits are on there way.

Are you ridin with Status Suspensions lowrider, beach cruiser, chopper, and bicycle parts?