Lowrider White Plastic Dice Valve Caps

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Lowrider Valve Caps gives your bike what you’re looking for to give it that custom look by adding these bicycle Valve Caps, or if you’re in the market for affordable Lowrider bike parts work great for repairs. This is the best deal and highest quality you will find for Custom Dice White Lowrider Bicycle Valve Caps

Valve Caps not only allow you to give your ride a custom look, but they keep the air in your tires. They're mainly used on Lowrider style bikes, which are generally lowered and used for slow cruising, or tricked out with lots of chrome, gold, twisted parts, custom paint and used just for shows. But don't let that stop you they work great on any style. These Valve Caps can be used on any size cycles, and are made of mostly Plastic.

Dice White Lowrider Valve Caps Features:

  • SKU #: 75-11-1
  • Bicycle size: Any Bike Size
  • Color/Finish: White
  • Size:
  • Material: Plastic
  • Bike style: Lowrider
  • Used for: Customizing, Upgrade, or Repair
Lowrider White Plastic Dice Valve Caps $5.85