Lowrider Chrome Steel Cage Twisted Handle Bars 16"

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Lowrider Handle Bars are great if you’re looking to upgrade your current bike, customize your bicycle Handle Bars. These low-priced Lowrider bike parts, these are a great choice for repairs. You won’t find a better deal anywhere for high quality Custom Cage Twisted Chrome Lowrider Bicycle Handle Bars

Handle Bars are a great way to upgrade your ride, give it the style you're looking for while increasing comfort. They're mainly used on Lowrider style bikes, which are generally lowered and used for slow cruising, or tricked out with lots of chrome, gold, twisted parts, custom paint and used just for shows. But don't let that stop you they work great on any style. These Handle Bars can be used on any size cycles, and are made of mostly Steel which is very strong and durable metal that's either painted or plated to prevent rust.

Cage Twisted Chrome Lowrider Handle Bars 16" Features:

  • SKU #: 53-17-1
  • Bicycle size: Any Bike Size
  • Color/Finish: Chrome
  • Size: 16"
  • Material: Steel
  • Bike style: Lowrider
  • Used for: Customizing, Upgrade, or Repair
Lowrider Chrome Steel Cage Twisted Handle Bars 16" $65.29